Crayon Letters and Heart Stuffies!

I promised myself I would write at least one post a week when I started this blog. I sadly haven’t been living up to my promise.

BUT, things are changing. I’ve had like a super-nova of midterms and school-related things, but I have been working on something that I’m really excited about, and I’ll probably get it done this weekend!

Here’s my belated Valentine’s Day Crafts, in my attempt to make up for blog-procrastinating… Blogcrastinating.  (Um.. can I trademark that?)

It was all pretty experimental.
The crayon letters were kiiinnnddaaa alot of trouble. They turned out pretty cool, so I think they were worth it, but there is probably an easier way of going about it.

  • First I took cheap air-dry clay and carved our letter shapes, so that it looked like a little letter-shaped bowl.
  • I let those harden overnight, but they were still a little wet when I used them as molds, which turned out to help me in the end.
  • I heated water on the stove, then in a double-boiler-like fashion, I melted each color in a separate bowl resting in the hot water. (All my colors were generally the same so I didn’t have to clean the bowl in between crayons, but you should consider it if you are melting really different colors)
  • Next, I poured the melted wax into the molds and let it harden. (take about 5 minutes)
  • After it was dry, I carefully cracked off the clay mold (kinda like an archeologist!) 
  • There was still some clay bits attached so I soaked the crayons in cold water and rubbed off the wet clay. 

And that’s all!!

The heart plushie was super simple
 I just knitted one side of this heart pattern:  
(Didn’t felt it) Then sewed it to some cute fabric (leaving a hole), turned it inside out, stuffed it, then sewed up the whole.
I was trying to embroider it, but my only needle broke. 😦


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