Rollin’ Out the Storefront!

So I’ve been meaning to start an Etsy store for a long time.
I accumulate piles upon piles of vintage clothing, most of which don’t fit me, but I can not let go.
The perfect solution?
Vintage store!

Now I can support my thrifting habit.
(Hi, I’m Sam, and I have a problem.)

Check it out! (I only have one item in it as I post this, but throughout the week I’m going to be adding things)
Grassroots Vintage!

So now I’m deciding whether I need to start actually writing in the Grassroots Vintage blog that I started a billion years ago, (not even going to provide the link, it’s too pathetic.) or to merge store stuff with this blog.
That entails some renaming and remodeling.
But I’m so lazy!

I’ll get it done!

On another note, Picnik image editor is my new favorite thing in the world.
It fills the void left by MS paint when I got my Mac.


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