Gone Fishing

I am on the hunt for the perfect chunky cabled fisherman’s sweater.

-Thick with voluptuous cables
-Ivory colored. Or off-white.
Glorious wooden buttons are a plus.
Why do I (and all of you!) need a fisherman’s sweater?
Well, first off… it is cold! Being in SoCal, I tend to neglect the outwear section of my wardrobe. Then when it finally gets cold, I am lamenting my lack of warm things.
Second, it’s nautical! I am big on nautical right now.. more to come on my current obsession in another post at a later time.
Third, I think it transitions into spring pretty well. Imagine a chunky fisherman’s sweater paired with an airy light-colored dress. OOOoooooOoOOooo.. spring.. Can’t wait!
If you’ve got $38.00 plus shipping to spend, go buy this one from DearGoldenVintage
As for me, I’m totally broke till mid-January. I guess I’ll have to keep an eye out in the thrift stores until then.

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