Super Thriftingbowl Sunday!

You can have your football, I’ll take my pre-loved clothing stores.

Today I visited a thrift store chock full of goodies in search of my Epic Valentine’s Day outfit.
Yet I bought more than I expected (though I should always expect that to happen).
Here is a sampling of what I obtained:

I was running out of daylight so there is more I have yet to photograph including some purple flats, white and gold wedges and something that will make you go “MIDDLE SCHOOL!” all over again. They were super trendy back then and seeing a whole box of them just brought back all kinds of memories. What could it be? I’ll post them up tomorrow. 🙂
I swear I am becoming a housewife before my time, because every little holiday makes me really excited and ready to break out the cookies and Jello molds.


This Vday I was promised by a dear friend that if I dyed my hair pink, we go to some really fancy restaurant all gussied up.
I could not help but to take up that offer.
So I went on the search for the perfect outfit to complement my pink hair.
My vision involves some great pink 1950s-60 dress with a big pink bow and lots of shades of pink accessories.
While SuperThriftingbowlSundaying I found the ALMOST perfect dress.

It is a bit pinker than this in real life and it is seamed really nicely.
Unfortunately it is the ALMOST perfect dress because it only just about fits me.
Just a TAD too small.
So I am not sure what to do.
So I keep looking or find some way to alter this dress?
I was thinking about finding some nice pink printed fabric and putting a panel down the middle to make it bigger, but I fear cutting up such a nice dress.
I think if I do it right, it would look great, but I am afraid I won’t do it right. 😦
Hmmm… what should I do?

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