Case Study in Cute

Sometimes I come across something that just makes me go… YES!!!

Case Study #1:


Also winning the award for most appropriate name, Happy Tape sells tons of pretty rolls of tape.

It is one of those things you don’t know you need until you see it.

My roommate has recently introduced me to the world of Japanese and Korean stationary, and oh, what a pretty world it is.

She recently bought these super-cute realistic-looking leaf post-its:

And these cute little Russian doll post-its:

And I am beyond jealous.

Though at least I get to see them stuck everywere.

The seller Nothing Elegant (who wins the award for least appropriate name!) has such an abundance of amazing, I might explode.

Fruit-shaped notepads, cotton fabric tape, speech-bubble sticky notes and…..




But once again, what do I need pretty tape for?

My roommate gave me a great answer:

“To stick sh*t to other sh*t, obviously.”

Well put, roomie, well put.

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