I had my last final today…



Thiiis time around I am going to make the best of it.
LOTTSA crafting.
I’m going to LA for the first time ever!
Can you believe that I live in San Diego and have never been to L.A.?
I really, really don’t get out much.
I’m going on Monday with one of my oldest and most fabulous friend.
Our destination is the garment district and all the goodies it will behold.
I am going to try to load up on some fabric so I can get my sewin’ on!


I had entered a contest on Instructables.com a while back with my ruffle scarf tutorial (which is the first post I ever did on this blog). Grand prize is this great serger/embroidering/everything machine and 1st prize is a dress form.

Well… I am a finalist! Go read my instructable here.

OMG I had brown hair.

The contest is in the judging stage now, and the results will be in Monday.
Now, take a moment to imagine me standing in the middle of the L.A. garment district, and finding out that I won a serger or dress form.
What fate!
What providence!
What a great excuse to spend monies on fabric!

Regardless, I am happy just to be a finalist, and either way I am really starting to up my sewing anty.  If I don’t have the good luck of winning a serger, I am going to start trying to save up money to get one myself.
I just have this huge itch to sew knit fabrics.
My own hoodies and rib-knit tank tops (my favvvvorite) and and and….

Anyway, I feel like I am going to be on a posting roll for at least the next week. I’m going to hammer out pictures of all those projects I’ve done but haven’t mentioned (you mean you didn’t know?) and all those tutorials I have backed up, as well as some great pictures from L.A. on Monday coming up!


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