The Uniform Project Dress is for Sale!

If you haven’t heard of the The Uniform Project, you are missing out on the most awesome melding of fashion, activism and sustainability the internet has ever seen!

Sheena Matheiken pledged back in May 2009 to wear the same dress, everyday for a year, and has raised over 60,000 dollars to send kids to school in India.
The legendary black dress can be worn buttoned, unbuttoned, with the pleats in the front or back, and as Sheena has shown, hundreds more ways.
And now the dress, which was specially designed for the project, is finally for sale!

I couldn’t decide what to do. On one hand, a chance to own the limited edition ubiquitous dress that goes with everything, on the other hand, I haven’t spent 180 dollars on a dress since prom.

The way I convinced myself:
-I’m sending kids to school!
-I’m supporting the sustainable fashion movement!
-I can show how much I really loved this project and as it comes to a close, own a piece of it forever!

So I convinced myself.

And I’m now the proud owner of one of the 365 LBD’s.
When you buy the dress, you also get your name on one of the days.
Mine is August 9th:

The dress comes in 5 weeks.
We’ll see then if I can be as creative as Sheena!


1 thought on “The Uniform Project Dress is for Sale!

  1. I remember being really impressed with this girl and her project when I first heard she started it. I can’t wait to hear updates for when you get the dress!

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