Peeps sushi!

Via Craftzine Blog:

I have a serious peep addiction.

Those little sugar puff balls are the apex of the spring holidays.
I eat them indiscriminately, as if they were going to boost my immune system, or had little multivitamin pills stuck inside.
Wait… That isn’t a bad idea…

So I was saying to myself,

“Self, you can’t live on little poultry-shaped marshmallows forever! You must diversify your diet!”

To which I proceeded to respond:

“Well, of course! That is why I am having sushi for dinner. Peeps sushi.”

I gave myself a little glare, then shrugged, “I guess it’s a start.”
You too can give yourself a sugar seizure this spring holiday season if you only follow this tutorial at Serious Eats.

Have you seen any Peeps-related project crazier than this?

I need to feed my addiction.
Oh yeah, and diversify.


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