Light Me Up, Up, and Away.

Yesterday I posted about Lucia Holm’s photography and made the remark that I wanted an illuminated umbrella like the one in this picture.

Try as I might to restrain the yearning, I am intrigued by the idea.
But Sam, I tell myself, not only does San Diego get less than 12 inches of rain a year, but we are in a DROUGHT! You couldn’t even justify getting yourself some wellies during the week that it DID rain!
Well self, just shuddup.

Sockmaster from Instructables has a great tutorial for an LED umbrella.

I equally love this one, with the lights in dotted lines (there’s also a dimmer attached!), and the one from the Lucia Holm photograph, with the black umbrella and just a glowing underside.

So what if it doesn’t rain here?

I imagine a bunch of the black glowing umbrellas stuck up in the branches of a big oak tree for a party or wedding or just everyday, if you are so lucky enough to lead such a whimsical life.

BTW, have I mentioned how obsessed I am with lights in trees?

Trish Mayo

I dunno what it is, but something about glowing lights + trees + dusk just creates something so beautiful in my mind. And it’s not like an “oohh pretty” kind of beautiful.
It’s more like wonder and awe of a harmonious meld of human and nature.
Seriously one of my most favorite things. If I ever do one of those “my favorite things” posts, lights in trees will be on it.

Did anyone see the Tim Burton Alice in Wonderland?
This movie warrants a whole new post, but I have to say that hands down the best part of the movie was the ending credits with the Avril Lavigne song and the mushrooms growing out of the frame.
I mean, I’ll leave it to you to insinuate what I think of the rest of the movie, but the ending credits are gold.

Anyway, that is relevant because when the mushrooms grow really big, they are illuminated from under the cap and it was the best thing ever.

On par with lights in trees.


2 thoughts on “Light Me Up, Up, and Away.

  1. I completely agree with what you think about glowing lights + trees + dusk; it truly is beautiful. I love glowing things in general. I have this solar powered “sun jar” and even a mushroom night light that glows a beautiful cream and coral pink color! I know this comment is random, but it’s nice to see that someone else appreciates this, haha!

  2. bah, They are great just to stroll around with at night … rain or no rain! Build yourself one! you’ll love it … send sockmaster a piccu he’d love to see đŸ™‚

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