Pllaannttttss!!!!! And Mini Tutorial.


(That there was the sound of me hyperventilating)

So first of all, I have a serious problem. I often anthropomorphize inanimate objects.

Kitchen appliances….

Household objects…

My lunch…

But most of all, plants.


They are like babies! Darling little green babies! Everyone loves babies!!

I planted these ADORABLE little seedlings in an egg carton on my windowsill and I LOVE them

Like they are my very own family.

Everyday when I wake up, and before I go to sleep, and sometimes at other random times during the day, I go over and marvel at how they’ve grown in the last 20 minutes since I last took a look.
Sometimes they are angled a different direction, sometimes I can see a new little leaf budding out.

I’ve done everything short of naming them.

And not even because that’s a little weird, but because if one of them ends up not making it…

That would be just to much for me to handle.

Anyway, if you don’t have seedlings in YOUR windowsill yet, you need to do it NOW. NOW!!! ALL PLANTS NEED HOMES!!!!

Seriously, this mini tutorial is so simple, I don’t know how you could NOT do it.

Adorable Little Sprout Babies for Your Windowsill:

Front row: Arugula, Tomato. Back row: Beets and Spearmint (which is super tiny).


-1 egg carton (sans eggs)

-dirt (no backyard?)

-seeds (try these!)

-something pointy (!)

Step 1

Separate the top of the carton from the bottom half.

Step 2

Poke holes in the bottom of where the eggs usually sit for drainage (using your pointy thing). Stack that half of the carton on top half of the carton (like a tray!)

Step 3

Fill each little egg-seat with dirt!

Step 4

Insert seeds -> into dirt (according to seed package directions).

Step 5

Water and wait.

Step 6


You could also line the tray with packing tape or plastic if you are worried about water coming through, but I haven’t had much of a problem with that.
Also, alot of books and people have all these different opinions on what to stick your seeds in to make them grow right.
I don’t know nothing about that.
I was getting really confused about “peat” and “vermiculite” and other creepy sounding things, so I just went for it and stuck them in potting soil. If you are using plain old backyard dirt you might want to rev it up a little bit with compost, but hey, I ain’t no expert. Ask her -> You Grow Girl

Tips from someone who knows only slightly more than you do:

-Poke a hole in a water bottle cap for easy watering!
-Don’t over water! I learned this from killing off many a basil plant.
-Because the carton is biodegradable, it is super easy to transplant once your seedlings get big enough to take on the world. Just separate each little pod and stick in the ground (or bigger container). You might want to tear the carton around the roots to set them free a bit. But I’m not sure, I haven’t gotten that far yet.
-Plants love haikus. Tell them some and they’ll grow better.


I am currently in the process of building these little guys a bigger home. (Geez, they grow up so fast! *tear*)

Because I lack a backyard, a balcony or a windowsill wider than an egg carton, it may be a feat, but I’ll keep you updated.

Happy planting!



1 thought on “Pllaannttttss!!!!! And Mini Tutorial.

  1. I love this post. See, I would totally name the plants and cry whenever one of them didn't make it. I would also sing to them non-stop. The plants in our yard sometimes get sickly looking and it wrecks my heart for the day. I know how it goes!

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