DIY Lazy Susan with Woodburned Fish Design for Father’s Day

For Father’s Day, I made my daddy a custom “lazy suzan” turntable thingy!

I picked up a really old and faded Ikea-brand lazy susan at the thrift store, drew a fishy design on it (my daddy is quite the fisherman) and set to it with my trusty woodburning tool.

*segue* Have I told you about my trusty woodburning tool? It looks like this and not only does it let me burn designs into wood, but I can solder things and melt plastic and…. MWUAHAHAHAA. I love it and have to sit on my hands to avoid the urge to burn holes in things with it.

Anyway, after carving my fishy design into it:

*Cute dead fishies!*

I applied a stain and sealant.

Btw, ignore the strategically placed sea creatures, they are blocking out my addresses. 10 points if you already spotted them!

I don’t have a picture of it dry, but the wood is a much better color in person.

This is a super easy gift to make, just thrift some wooden stuff and decorate! You could do pepper grinders, picture frames (I have one I’m working on actually), or even go all out and do something huge like a whole bookcase!

And if you aren’t that craftily inclined, but like to draw or illustrate, this is a good way to start edging your way over to the dark side (with Craft Vader and yarn-ball-shaped Deathstars).

Now to find a lightsaber attachment for my woodburning tool…


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