Oh, What providence!

So I was walkin’ to the farmer’s market with a buddy, mindin’ my own business..

When out of nowhere I stop dead in my tracks. *SCREECH*
Sitting on the sidewalk is a gorgeous antique bedframe. “Is it free? Is it free?” I pester my buddy, as if he had otherworldy knowledge  that I did not. Sure enough the makeshift sign taped to the palm tree said FREE!

What providence! I recently got a new roommate and downsized from a queen mattress (that was acres to big for me) to a nice and comfy twin. Yet I had no bed frame. I had been sleeping with my mattress on the floor because I absolutely refuse to spend even forty dollars on a cheap-o ikea bed frame. I knew someone, somewhere had to have one they didn’t need, but I assumed it would be someone in my family or friends, and that it would just be a very simple standard one. Who knew that right around the corner, adorable bed frame destiny awaited me!

It is a gold color and super sturdy, regardless of it being pretty old-looking.

I think my favorite part is the owl on the tag that says “1/3 your life is spent in bed”.
Why, thank you kind, wise owl!

Finding the bed frame made my week, but the luck didn’t stop there! We were rummaging through the boxes of free things that held mostly a huge assortment of candles, and my friend said, “Oh look, shoes!”

Both of them are my exact size! GAHH SO CUTE!

I don’t know what the deal is today, but the universe sure is like, “Hey. Let’s cut Sam a break, kay?”
I feel like I need to rewrite that one line in the Decemberist’s Mariner’s Revenge song:
“Oh, what providence, what divine intelligence, that I should find these things for free!

Providence, luck or karma?

Who knows? But the universe sure does tend to provide for you if you keep a bubble of positivity around you.
The shoes will satiate the urge I’ve had to spend money (on shoes) lately, and the bed frame means I don’t have to sniff carpet dust every morning!

Also it is so romantic and reminds me of my childhood when I’d pretend my canopy bed was a castle or fortress.

First I’d be trapped:

And despair:

And then the ANGER!

The attempted escape:

But finally, a newfound acceptance of my gilded cage.

Okay, I’m done being over-dramatic.

But I did learn a storybook lesson today.

All it took to brighten my day / save me money / get me taking silly pictures was some unwanted stuff that a lady chose to give away rather than trash it or try to make money off it.
Her decision created a little bit of providence, happy little providence waiting patiently on the curb waiting for someone who needed it.
It’s nice to know that you can create providence/luck for another person.
It’s super cheesy, but my sweet new bed frame has inspired my to “pay it forward” as they say.
I think I’ll go through all the stuff I’ve been hoarding and maybe leave some books with cute “Read me, I’m yours now!” notes or something.

Aw, gosh! I feel so fuzzy inside! I think I need to go squeeze something fuzzy on the outside (HERE KITTY, KITTY!), drink some tea and daydream now.

Wishing you some providence,



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