It is that time of year again….


Well. Here in San Diego, it’s not like the weather changes or the leaves turn colors, more like they started displaying Halloween merchandise in the grocery stores…


My favorite time of year.

This year I am getting all Martha-Stewart all over the place. I want to have a dinner party! I want cute decorations! Handmade costumes! Tasty food!

Ahh I’m getting all tingly inside.

My first reaction when I saw the stacks of halloween candy on display in Ralph’s was: “It’s way too early for this!”

Then I realized:


I’ve already started browsing costumes. After seeing these masks, I’m pretty sure I want to be a forest creature:

Top two from Etsy seller beadmask, bottom two from faerywhere.

Beautiful! These masks are made of painted moulded leather, and for how intricate they look, are really well priced! Unfortunately I am still too poor 😦

But that won’t stop me! I found this tutorial on deviant art on the leather mask-making technique.

I really love the look of the leather, its texture and ability to fold make the masks look so whimsical and midsummer-nights-dream-like.

I just want to have a dinner party at dusk, dress all my friends in these masks, set up a table in a forest with some fireflies zipping around, with our plates of food on moss place mats and our wine glasses set upon little red mushroom caps.

But there are no fireflies in Socal *cry* (But that doesn’t mean I can’t pretend)

Well, stay tuned for a massive two month long Halloween geek-out, friends, stay tuned.

:0 *boo*


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