Katy Perry + OPI = Love (and diabetes?)

I love Katy Perry.

I mean, her music is catchy and fun and everything, but the REAL reason I love Katy Perry?

Let the following images demonstrate:

My goodness, I don’t know why I love it so much.
Pastels and candy and kitschy pink flamingos and ridiculous latex dresses!
I must have a sugar deficiency.
But I LOVE it!

I’m just glad someone out there can be like:
“Ya know, I’m gonna wear a latex dress today. Now, should it be cotton candy or pink palm tree print… Decisions.. “
As well as:
“If I want to wear candy on my head and shoot whipped cream out of my bra, I will, by golly!”

So wonderful.
Maybe it’s just a marketing scheme, but at least she always looks like she’s having fun.
Maybe that’s why I think that Katy Perry > Lady Gaga.
I mean, when you are wearing amazingly ridiculous outfits, you can’t take yourself toooo seriously.

Anyways, I somehow stumbled over the fact that OPI nail polish just released a Katy Perry collection.
Observe in the following video:

I don’t always wear nail polish but the colors are just 100% Katy Perry. Spot on.
Usually celebrity lines of anything are nothing more that the person’s face and name attached to a product, but these colors just seem so… her.
It’s like essence of Katy Perry in a bottle.

Therefore I have broken down and bought a mini sample pack (only 6 bucks on amazon!) because I am convinced that I need to start up a kawaii/cotton candy/ bubblegum/ katy perry lifestyle once more.

My hair is on it’s way back to black anyway, and one of the benefits of that is I can wear crazy colors in places OTHER than on my head! Yay!

Ok, must go now. I need to go stock up on cookies and glitter.


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