Introducing Mel C: My Vintage Peugeot Mixte Bicycle

I admit to being somewhat of an impulse shopper.
I’ve been working on controlling the urges, but when I saw this vintage bike on craigslist, I couldn’t help myself.

At least this time my impulse shopping ended up with a form of transportation!

Her name is Mel C, she’s a Peugeot Mixte, circa sometime-in-the-70s. I am super excited to polish her and tune her up. Why Mel C.? Well, she’s totally a sporty spice!

I’ve been learning more about bike repair from The Chainbreaker Bike Book.

Which I totally recommend. It’s great if the only thing you know about bikes is how to ride them. It even has tips on being a female in a male-dominated bike scene, which I appreciate because I know the only time I ventured into a bike shop (aside from the buddies that work next to me) I was pretty darn intimidated. All those tattooed bike guys should be a GOOD thing, if ya know what I mean…

Aside from that, I now have a bike worthy of the Tweed Ride! (Sorry faithful mountain bike)
If you haven’t heard of a Tweed Ride:

Vintage Bikes +
Vintage Clothes +
Beards & Bowties=
Mobile Awesomeness.

And I am a huge fan of beards and bowties, btw.

That’s something to look forward to this winter! I need to start collecting tweed… and perhaps a banjo.

Oh, the possibilities of a new bicycle. I’m imagining myself riding into the sunset wearing tweed skirt and sensible pumps, banjo slung over my shoulder. Tweed Ride, I await you!

Peace and Bikes,



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